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We believe that with the proper support, children and families possess the capacity to heal. It is our role to help children and families identify what strengths they possess and aid them in leveraging these skills and resources to overcome obstacles and live empowered lives. Our services embrace the five values of trauma informed care: safety, choice, collaboration, empowerment, and trustworthiness.


Children thrive best in a safe environment that provides consistency, structure and nurturance. Our services are delivered with an empathic response that includes the child’s, family’s and community’s voice and participation, which leads to individualized, strengths-based interventions.  This approach builds skills that strive for sustainable outcomes.  We believe sustainability is best achieved with an integrated approach among all involved parties.


Families thrive best when they are heard, respected, and empowered to define their needs and embrace their capacity to heal.  Our services are delivered to the family unit with a culturally competent, empathic and systemic framework.  This approach promotes family engagement striving for increased cohesion and change within the family.  Sustainability is only achieved when change occurs within the framework of the family. 


Children and families respond best to treatment that includes the community and culture in which they live.  Our services are delivered in the least restrictive setting that promotes awareness, ownership, and connectedness to the natural community.  This child-centered, family-focused approach is reliant upon a community network that is proactively engaged.  Sustainability is contingent upon community support and accountability for maintaining the safety, well-being, and permanency of the child and family.  It is our duty to heighten community and legislative awareness of the difficult challenges that face families. 

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