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What's Your Blueprint?

Within every man resides an inner child, and for some, that child has weathered unimaginable pain. These survivors have endured various forms of abuse, neglect, health challenges, and traumatic experiences, yet they emerged with resilience. They have honed their coping skills, become their own caretakers, and pushed past the scars of a painful past to become exemplary leaders, healers, and visionaries.

Yet, for some, there remains a place of darkness, a sanctuary of brokenness longing to be filled with authentic, unconditional love – a love that is rare and seemingly unattainable. Deep within, they silently yearn for someone who can embrace their brokenness and love them without reservation or judgment. This love serves as a guiding light for their souls to navigate toward healing.

"Things In The Game Have Changed" is a transformative vision aimed at assisting men in overcoming the repercussions of past missteps and making positive changes in their lives.

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