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What's Your Plan?

Every man has a little boy inside of him. For some men that little boy experienced pain beyond anything he could imagine. Those of them who made it through the pain, on the other side, have become survivors. They are survivors of many things, such as various forms of abuse, neglect, health challenges and other forms of trauma that tried to keep us from being dynamic men they were predestined to be. But it didn’t win and instead they developed the coping skills that allowed them to persevere. In some cases they learned to re-parent themselves, escape in any way possible, or repress the memories of an all too painful childhood. They are teachers, leader, healers and men doing amazing things against all odds.

But for some there is still a dark place, a place wherein there is brokenness. It is a place that can only be filled with authentic love. It can only be filled with the kind of unconditional and compassionate love that is, too often, uncommon and seemingly impossible. You see some of them hold this brokenness deep down inside of them. They quietly yearn for the one who can see it, hold it, and love them anyway. They yearn for the kind of love that doesn’t make room for hiding or shaming. Instead it is the beacon for their soul to voyage into the light.

Things In The Game Have Changed is a vision designed to help men overcome obstacles related to bad decisions in their past.

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