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Through our programs, YOUnified to Advance seeks to transform the field to adopt a holistic approach to healing and wellness for both survivors and the professionals who support them, while promoting the belief that it is possible to not only overcome trauma, but also to thrive and reclaim joy.

Under the leadership of our Board of Directors Committee, we have made significant strides toward our goal to create a formal, evidence-informed model that can be adopted by partner organizations to use and offered to survivors, professionals who serve them, and communities beyond our current reach.

An Empowered Woman Logo.jpg

An Empowered Woman

An Empowered Woman is about women who overcome trial and error in their lives to accomplish things that are greater than themselves. 

The mission of An Empowered Woman is to empower women that are seeking professional and personal growth. It is to educate and empower socially and economically disadvantaged women to make healthy choices in every aspect of their lives by providing personal growth and development services through one-on-one and group mentoring, workshops, and career development programs.

And-The-Two-Become-One 800X600.png

And The Two Become One

Life is about choices. When you intentionally make the right decisions, so many things will go well in your marriage. When you make the wrong choices, the chaos at home can be severe. You add sorrow upon sorrow to your marital experience. There is a third category…when you decide not to choose at all. We will lose by default.

Letting life take its course in your marriage without setting priorities and goals leaves you and your future family helpless to the pressure of the world and its definition of what marriage should be.

Walk with us on the journey to discover what the true design for marriage really is!!!

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Financial Solutions Consulting

Our mission is to  bring self-sustainability to anyone crossing our path through financial literacy, other educational programs and passionate employees. We are dedicated to empowering those that need it. Our primary focus is empowering those that have been through tough financial time and are looking for some support. 

We aim to  educate individuals on how  to become self-sufficient which enables oneself to provide for themselves without requiring any aid, support, or interaction for survival; it is a type of sustainable living in which nothing is consumed other than what is produced by the self-sufficient individual through obtaining financial literacy.

Mission HOPE 001.jpg

Mission H.O.P.E.

Our mission is to empower the homeless, poor, veterans, and disabled people achieve health and self-sufficiency,  and to fight against the root causes of poverty and homelessness. We will accomplish this through street outreach, crisis intervention, and benefits advocacy.

We aim to provide high-quality services that are based on solid research. We partner with you to identify credible plans to help you move forward in a sensitive, caring manner. We are simply here to help you find a more successful way to interact with your world and accomplish your goals.

Operation Restart_edited.jpg

Operation Restart

Our mission is to help people find freedom and heal the hurts that hold them back!  Pain traps people in a story they never wanted. Shame, unforgiveness and toxic beliefs often hijacks their lives. We decided to do something about that. Operation Restart teaches people to live in freedom. 

The aim of Operation Restart is to offer life management skills training to help ex-offenders gain skills and confidence to break their negative patterns.

We have found that by exposing our clients to strategies to manage their finances, time, and negative emotions as well as developing communication, employment, and parenting skills, they are better equipped and more motivated to become self-sufficient and actively and positively control their future.

Things-In-The-Game-Have-Changed 800X600.png

Things In The Game Have Changed

Things In The Game Have Changed is a vision designed to help men overcome obstacles related to bad decisions in their past. Our mission is to actively serve the people of East Texas Area and surrounding by building permanent charitable capital, making philanthropic contributions, and provide services that contribute to health and vitality of the community.

We aim to lend a hand to those who need help in getting control of their lives. We are here to help build self esteem, strong values, will power and confidence in achieving goals in life.

YARS Logo 600X300.jpg

Youth At Risk Services

Our mission is to advocate for the victims of child abuse and neglect with the goal of securing safety, justice, well-being and a permanent, nurturing environment for every child.

We aim to raise awareness of child abuse, teen dating abuse, and domestic violence. To build shelters to support victims of abuse around the world. To offer hope that no matter how challenging you can still turn it around and go for your dreams.

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