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Our mission is to  bring self-sustainability to anyone crossing our path through financial literacy, other educational programs and passionate employees. We are dedicated to empowering those that need it. Our primary focus is empowering those that have been through tough financial time and are looking for some support. 

We aim to  educate individuals on how  to become self-sufficient which enables oneself to provide for themselves without requiring any aid, support, or interaction for survival; it is a type of sustainable living in which nothing is consumed other than what is produced by the self-sufficient individual through obtaining financial literacy.

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Financial Solutions Consulting is a mentoring program that teaches self-sufficiency through financial training. 

Financial Solutions Consulting is for the men and women who have are going through the Operation Restart program. Financial Solutions Consulting teaches budgeting and building positive credit through Financial Solutions training. It also assists those who are interested in opening their own business.

For those interested in owning their own business they will be taught the proper guidelines used to open their business. Beginning with what they want to do, name for the company, dba, ein number, incorporating all these decisions will be based on the needs and what they are trying to accomplish. Financial Solutions Consulting is here to teach Financial Literacy to avoid problems with finances in the future of our graduates.

Financial Solutions presentations are interactive and engaging. The lessons are designed to motivate participants to take positive action toward improving their financial situation. The personal finance curriculum uses practical, hands-on learning to the participants reap the benefits of improving their financial situation. Financial issues not only impact one finances, it plays a major role in stress, relationship problems, unhealthy coping behavior (alcohol, drugs, etc.) and lowers one’s self confidence. This stress often as spills over into the time spent with friends, family and the workplace.

YOUnified to Advance adult financial literacy programs are specifically designed for individuals with a variety of financial goals including  but not limited to financial recovery, debt elimination, home ownership, vehicle ownership as well as financial stability. Financial Solutions will teach budgeting, saving, and living within their means.

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